Ces casey captain of the atlantic princess



With over 30 years in the superyacht industry and 20 years cruising the Great Barrier Reef, Ces is an ultimate expert in adventure on the Great Barrier Reef and exploring the tropical north coast of Australia. He believes in expanding upon every opportunity to blend unique individual experiences into one big ultimate adventure while aboard the Atlantic Princess Australia. Ces has a great deal of experience in all aspects of keeping the Atlantic Princess Australia running smoothly and providing a personalised and unforgettable journey for guests. As an integral part of the team and with a passion for showcasing the jaw-dropping coastline of Australia, you could not ask for a better skipper.

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Ryan hart chef of the atlantic princess



As a self-confessed nature nerd, Ryan is the go-to guy on deck to learn all about exotic bush food, and whether you like it or not, he will also share his extensive knowledge of the local ecology. Teaching guests to look at nature with a new reverence is what Ryan truly enjoys. Ryan is trained in French cuisine and has a wealth of international knowledge he gained from his global travels while working in European restaurants. Having worked in private residents, yachts, and aircraft, Ryan has perfected a diverse skillet in cooking various traditional and nouvelle cuisines. To top it off, Ryan has had the enviable experience cooking for world leaders, including prime ministers and UN delegates. Besides his devilishly good looks, Ryan has a killer sense of humour to keep guests entertained.

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Amy garsia reservations agent for the atlantic princess

amy garsia

Reservations Agent

Your journey begins with your initial contact with Atlantic Princess’s booking reservations agent, Amy, who will ensure you have an unforgettable experience while aboard the Atlantic Princess Superyacht. Amy will take care of the finer details to ensure that your requirements and desires are met. Although new to the industry, Amy has worked in all administration areas across numerous diverse industries and understands the importance of checking all the boxes for smooth sailing.

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Kevin müller steward of the atlantic princess

Kevin Müller


Joining the crew with his beaming smile and charisma, Kevin homed his cocktail-creating expertise in the elegant region of Nørrebro, Copenhague. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he has travelled around the globe and worked in luxurious properties, including private residences in Queenstown, New Zealand. Since moving to Australia, Kevin has worked in exclusive resorts on Hamilton Island and in Port Douglas.

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